4andRotary Jamboree, Manfeild Raceway, March 28th 2010

The V 4 and Rotary North Island Jamboree is a yearly festival which incorporates a car show, time attack, drifting competition, bikini comp, dyno shootout plus more into a one day event. The event takes place at Manfeild Motorsports Park in Feilding, a 3km long international grade circuit, one of my favourite tracks for drifting.

We loaded up on Saturday morning and took the long 6.5 hour drive down to Feilding and got setup and ready for Sunday’s event. Sunday morning we secured a pit garage, washed the vehicle and setup our sponsor banners with a table full of posters for fans. There was a huge turnout of vehicles, and lots of competitors for the drifting competition. It was shaping up to be a great day.

I was feeling really good about the track in my practice sessions, the car is making more power now, and i’ve changed a few things in the suspension to give me more grip through the corners. Unfortunately, Curt Whittaker’s gearbox blew up in his Skyline and spilled oil all over the track, which threw myself and about 5 others off the track, smashing my front bumper. I didn’t have my spare, and had to run with a damaged front for the rest of the day.

Into the Battles:
For my first battle I was up against Carlos Walters in the high powered R33 Skyline. Leading out of the pits, he was in chase but pushed too hard and took a spin. This allowed me to put on a good chase run, and I actually passed him going through the hairpin.

Next up was Chris Trundle in the FC RX7. He pulled away from me on the entry to the sweeper with his extra power, but I caught up to him in the esses by taking a better line. I advanced through to the next battle.
Into the semi-finals, our team was up against team Taranaki, and I was to battle Mark Burling in the rwd Mitsubishi VR4. A car that is completely different to my own, with less power, grip, and has been taking different lines. I chose to hold back at the sweeper so i wouldn’t catch him to quickly, but he went way off line and I ended up catching him on the first left hander. I got extremely close and put down a great run. When I lead out, Mark’s car was unable to keep up and I went through to the Finals.

In my final battle, I was pitted against Fanga Dan Woolhouse. I led out of the pits and had a great line through the sweeper, Fanga switched back very early and aggressively for turn 2 and slammed straight into the side of my car, spinning me around and disabling his car. The battle went 10-0 in my favour, making me winner of the 2010 4 and Rotary Jamboree drifting competition.

The event was extremely well run, and I’d like to thank the organisers for putting on a great day, and all of my sponsors and team that helped me out: Advanti Racing, Nankang Tyres, Turtle Wax F21, Demon Graphics, HSD Suspension, Dodsons, Tristan Roper, ProTune, and Fast Cars.


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