Sneak peek

After having the rx7 painted last weekend, we got straight in to re-assembling everything. I’ve found you have to be REALLY careful with black paint, as it shows every mark if you don’t keep it clean.

Currently, the car has a 5.7 litre LS1 out of 2000 model Camaro in it. We will get it running with this setup until the new 5.7 litre LS6 race motor is fully built for the second round of D1NZ.
The car will be on display at Speedshow 2010 at ASB Showgrounds 24th & 25th July.

RX7 Updates

Fast Cars has finished all of the fabrication work on the rollcage etc. their work is immaculate, and well though out.

Kane and Andrew at Alfa Panelbeaters in Kelston did a top job of painting the car and wheels. These guys are FAST workers, we got the whole vehicle, all body panels, and wheels painted within 2 days. They went above and beyond any other company with this job, and it looks awesome.

everything is back together, and the car is looking tough. here is a bit of a teaser photo showing the steering angle we’re achieving with the new lower arm and tierod modifactions done by Leon Znoelli engineering. Wheels are Enkei RPF1 17×9.5 -2 offset fitted with 235/40/17 Nankand NS2′s.

more updates next week after Roo does the photoshoot.


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