Hamilton400 V8 Supercars drift demo. April 15-17th, 2011

I can remember 7 years ago when I first got into drifting, pretty much nobody in New Zealand had heard of it.  Back in 2004, we were ridiculed by the usual circuit and grip racing drivers:  “that’s not racing” and “you punks looks silly out there” were a common thing to hear at Pukekohe open days or on the old Taupo Racetrack.  It’s been this way up until the last couple years, where D1NZ is now recognised as a sanctioned national championship, and a proper motorsport.  Support from around the globe with international companies getting involved in drifting has solidified this.

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4&Rotary Jamboree at Manfield

4&Rotary Promotions holds an event every year at Manfield Motorsports complex in Fielding, Manawatu.  They call it the Jamboree, and it packs a variety of attractions all into one day.  While others came down for the time attack battle, dyno runs, car show, etc, I brought my RX7 down to have a proper run at drifting my favourite racetrack in New Zealand.

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