For those of you that don’t know, the crew over at SIXdeep have been making some sick, innovative clothing designs over the last year.

Currently, all their business is done online through , but they can also be seen at most D1NZ rounds with a huge range of their wares available for sale.  Dan Calderwood and Kurt Samson are the creators of this brand, and are some of the OG’s in the New Zealand drift scene.  So they know a thing or two, and many of their shirt designs originate from things that have happened in and around the scene.  Just “Chuck it in Bro”.

Check out their recent interview with Warren Sare of MGNinc over at

Nitto Tyres now in New Zealand

World-famous Nitto Tyres, which are made in Japan, are now being imported by YHI.   The same company that distributes Nankang tyres, Enkei wheels, and Advant Racing wheels, plus many more big name brands.  These tyres have a great name in the aftermarket tyre genre, and have been used widely in motorsport applications in the USA.  For the full range of imported tyres, see the link below:

RX7 off-season engine upgrades

After we found out that the piston in our LS6 had failed, I had a couple options on my mind.  Either I was going to get factory replacement pistons and rods and run it like that, or sell it and upgrade to a larger displacement motor.  Unfortunately, due to time restrictions, I won’t be able to do the latter this season, and I really didn’t want to put factory items back in either.

The solution for me was simple, purchase brand new forged pistons and rods, along with a swag of other upgrades from USA.  Among these items were:

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Rally NZ drifting at Hampton Downs

A small group of some of New Zealands top drifters were invited to the Rally NZ “High Octane on Hampton” Race event, which took place on May 8th.  Last year the event attracted over 20,000 spectators due to the WRC involvement, unfortunately there was no WRC element this year so spectator numbers were down greatly but it was still an action packed day with plenty of different types of racing for everyones tastes.

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D1NZ Grand final & end of season wrap-up

D1nz Final Round, Hampton Downs, April 21st & 22nd 2011

Those of you that have been following my blog this year would know about the run of bad luck we’ve had with mechanical issues etc.  And that regardless of these issues, our team has made sure that we compete at every event and do whatever necessary to ensure that I finish.  Whether it be rebuilding motors at 2am, or driving countless hours to pickup my backup vehicle, we were really a team with a huge drive and passion to do well this year.

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