more video from Hamilton400 drifting

Edited some more random clips from the Hamilton400 drifting demo, enjoy!

Star struck

The old girl Silvia is headed in to Eastern Automotive Performance Center tomorrow morning for dyno tuning. Shortly after that I’m planning to re-do the graphics at Demon Graphics. Should I stick with the same theme with stars, or should I mix it up a bit? Any ideas?


SINCO CUSTOMS delivers the goods

There’s one name in New Zealand that always gets mentioned whenever you’re talking about turbo manifolds, and that name is Sinco Customs in Hamilton.  Mike comes from a fabrication and engineering background, and his shop has been open since 2006 building a strong reputation within the automotive performance industry.  Not only does he specialize in intake and exhaust manifolds, but he can do nearly any custom job from rollcages all the way down to breather tanks, as can be seen on Sinco’s website.

With the extreme stress we put our parts under in drifting, manifold failure and cracking is a huge concern associated with the cheap Chinese made products that you find online, and this has always been an issue for me. I dropped off my Silvia at Sinco right before I left for California in July.

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California love

Well, my holiday is finally over and I’m back from California.  It was a much needed break from my normal busy lifestyle, and it was great to catch up with old friends and sit on the sunny beaches while everyone else is stuck in cold New Zealand, haha.  This was the view nearly every morning, about a 3 minute walk from the house I was staying at.

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Hamilton 400 drifting demo. first lap out

finally got around to editing some footage from the V8 supercars drifting demo I did back in April, more to come.



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