Get some fresh ARR gear for summer!

Just landed a new batch of shirts in time for the holidays, thanks to the guys at SIXdeep.  I have mens t-shirts available in black, and now in white too.  For the girls, I have white t-shirts and black singlets.   If you or anyone else is wanting one, leave your contact here, visit, or flick me an email .  Come at me!

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3 days til Taupo! preview time

D1NZ Round3 at Taupo is coming up this weekend fast!  At round2 my motor dropped a valve due to a broken retainer.  So we’ve pulled the engine down and luckily only had to replace a few parts and give the valve seat a grind.  While the motor was out I also moved the radiator forward and modified the thermostat to hopefully help with the cooling issues I’ve always encountered.  With the Silvia still not running properly, I will be hard at work tonight to try and get everything sorted in time.

I also found all the GoPro footage that we took from last season in Taupo when I was driving the RX7.  I cut a few of the clips into a raw footage video, just a small taste of what’s in store for this weekend.  Enjoy!

Make sure you get down to one of the sickest drift tracks in the country this weekend, see you there!


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