Taupo open day June 23, 2012

If you’ve been following my blog or facebook page over the past couple months, you have probably realized that I have been really excited about getting my RX7 running again.  With all the rushing to get the car ready in time for it’s first outing, I sort of forgot about the excitement until I was actually at Taupo and ready to go out on the track!

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Dietician analysis

Put the rx7 on corner weights Wednesday night, it was already surprisingly good! Only made one slight adjustment to the front right coilover.
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RX7 dyno tune @ Eastern Automotive

Courtesy of Eastern Automotive, the RX7 is now all tuned up and ready to test this weekend at Taupo!

RX7 Revival

Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to get my FC3S up and running.  With Tristan and I working some late nights, the RX7 should be making noise this weekend for the first time in over a year! Here’s a few specs on what has been added to the 2012 rebuild -

Thanks to Mike at Eastern Automotive, we now have a Holden LS2 6litre alloy v8 slotted in the engine bay.

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