“D1NZ Inside Clipping Point” with Andrew Redward & Darren Kelly

D1NZ caught up with me this week for an interview about how our 2012/2013 season is going so far, it’s come out pretty damn cool.  Check it out below

D1NZ Round4 video coverage

Check out this re-cap video of the action at D1NZ Round4 Hampton Downs.  Thanks to Tristan at Tris-Tech Enterprises for throwing it together!


Round Report D1NZ Hampton R4


Hampton Downs is the one track in New Zealand that I have mixed feelings about.  I’m not entirely sure that I like it, nor do I hate it.  The only way I can describe it is “frustrating”.  For a drift section, it’s pretty basic:  4th gear handbrake entry down a straight, into an uphill right with a quick switch back left over the crest, section ends.  The tricky thing is, that because of this simplistic section, and that everyone in D1NZ has driven this track numerous times, it puts us all on a very even playing field come battle time.  Read below for my high’s and low’s of this event and track.

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SBPnz covers D1NZ Round4 Hampton

Taranaki Street drift video

Thanks to Max Fouhy for putting together another video of me, this time at the Taranaki Street Drift event held last month.  It was a fun day laxing out with mates and Ross Honor put on one heck of an afterparty too!

Final battle crash with Mike Whiddett


2nd Place finish at D1NZ Round4 Hampton Downs!!!

After a hard-fought battle with Mad Mike Whiddett, I was happy to come away with 2nd place for the round, making that 3 podium finishes so far this year. I will be releasing a full round report next week, along wtih some awesome footage. For now, here’s a quick teaser clip of our Chase with Fanga.
fanga chase

Huge thanks to: Achilles Radial, Eastern Automotive, Alfa Panelbeaters, Drift Max, NZAD, Enkei, HSD, Tristan, Kat, Dad, and Ben.


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