Down to the wire

We’ve been busy busy over the last few weeks, getting the car ready for D1NZ round 1 on 16th & 17th of November.  With the car performing quite well last year, we wanted to stay with a similar package and just make sure that it is all working right again this year.  The main changes are going to be cosmetic, but you’ll have to wait for Round1 to see the finished product!


The first upgrade we’ve done in the off season was a new full exhaust system by Sinco.  I’ll have a more detailed post about this in the coming weeks with dyno figures and video etc.  My old setup was a 4>2>1 system that I made myself, whereas Mike @ Sinco Customs put alot of time and thought into the entire system, ensuring every single bit of horsepower was being taken advantage of.  And just look at the headers, beautiful!


Next up was removing the engine to check over and ensure there was no abnormal wear.  We are pretty fortunate to have the gurus at Eastern Automotive taking care of our tuning, the engine performing strong all of last season and still crisp!  While it was out we fitted a high flow oil pump, some AFR heads, and gave everything a clean and paint.

5Back to cosmetics, NZKW hooked me up with this Dmax carbon bonnet as my homemade job was cracked and warped from being too thin.

4Classic wheels like the Enkei RPF1 have never gone out of fashion, but it always helps when they have crazy new finishes available like these SBC coated wheels.  Giving them a chrome like appearance, can’t wait to get them on the car this weekend.

2After two seasons my old front guards were pretty wasted, so I pieced together some luxury sport front fenders with Mike Shaw Fibreglass flares, I’m still yet to be convinced if these look good.  We’ll see next week once the wheels are on and vinyl applied.

Oz-Racing-SuspensionAlso on the to-do list is setup our OZ Racing Suspension, freshly landed from Dodson Performance.

We’ve got the dyno booked tomorrow, and should have it track ready by the end of Sunday all going well!  Then it’s off to Cre8grafx next week before the mayhem that is D1NZ!

For those of you wanting to buy tickets to the event, if you use the link below it not only gets you the best priced tickets, it also gives me a kickback.  Every bit helps, so I appreciate anybody using this or sharing it around!  Thanks, Andrew

D1NZ Tickets for Round1!!!

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