Achilles Radial Drift Team

YHI (New Zealand) Ltd in association with Achilles Radial are excited to announce that Andrew Redward and Bruce Tannock will be pairing up for the 2012/2013 D1NZ Drifting season to form the Achilles Radial Drift Team.

YHI and Achilles have been part of the drift scene in New Zealand since it’s early beginnings, with over half of the field in last years’ competition running on Achilles tyres.  Now with D1NZ celebrating their 10th year anniversary, the crowds and media that drifting attracts is ever-growing due to the hard work of the series organisers and dedication from teams andsponsors alike.

Achilles Radial will be looking to make a further impact on their recent global successes in drifting by joining the D1NZ title fight with a two car team:

Andrew Redward is a veteran D1NZ driver, having entered his first round in 2004.  Andrew will be driving his V8 powered RX7this season, and with multiple podium finishes in the past we look forward to him putting on a good show once again! Andrew Redward states “having Achilles Radial on board for our 2012/2013 campaign is massive, with the super grippy Achilles 123s Drift tyres we will have the advantage of running the best compound available, and the comfort of knowing that the tyres are proven and will handle the extreme nature of oursport.  I’m looking forward to putting on a good show for the fans and having fun with our team presence at events.”

Bruce Tannock returns in his immaculately presented RB26 powered S13.  Coming off the back of a 2nd place finish at the NZ Drift Nationals, Bruce is a fierce competitor and one of the fastest in the field running on the Achilles 123S Drift tyres. “Achilles Radial tyres have proven their worth performing in both wet and dry conditions to the highest level, I look forward to another exciting season ahead with Achilles and thank YHI for their continued support”

“Achilles Radial is proud to support Andrew Redward and Bruce Tannock in their championship run” said Chris Talbot, Managing Director of YHI New Zealand Ltd “This motorsport combines competiveness with excitement for both automotive enthusiasts and the general public. For 2012/2013, The Achilles 123S Drift will continue to be the tyre of choice for drifting due to its enormous grip, predictability and durability under drifting conditions. The Achilles 123S Drift will give Andrew and Bruce the competitive advantage they need at this level of competition”.

As the popularity of this motorsport grows, the fan base grows with it. Both Bruce and Andrew look forward to bringing the excitement of drifting to the fans this year.

The Achilles Radial Drift Team will be present at every round of D1NZ this year.

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