OZ Racing Suspension test day

Over the last 5 years, I’ve worked closely with Dodson Performance and used their products on many of my race and street cars.  When building the RX7, we chose to use their HSD suspension and it has worked very well over the last 3 years, providing a low ride height and great performance on the track.  While there was nothing wrong with our previous setup, with the constant progression of drifting we are always looking to improve the car and it’s handling characteristics.  So the decision was made this year to switch to another brand of suspension also available from Dodsons:  OZ Racing Suspension.

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Down to the wire

We’ve been busy busy over the last few weeks, getting the car ready for D1NZ round 1 on 16th & 17th of November.  With the car performing quite well last year, we wanted to stay with a similar package and just make sure that it is all working right again this year.  The main changes are going to be cosmetic, but you’ll have to wait for Round1 to see the finished product!


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Steering lock, how does it all work?

When building a car to drift, you’re constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries.  And seeing as getting sideways with big angle is the whole point of the sport, steering lock is something that all drift cars need upgraded at some point as the driver gets more confident behind the wheel.

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Black Panther

A sneak peek at the car before it goes in for vinyl.

New Enkei RPF1 wheels, BN Sport type2 kit, Foresight roof wing, YoursSport wing.

Horsepower 101

With the new LS2 running flawlessly at Taupo in standard form, I was quite happy with the car.  But I had bigger plans in mind, and there was a lot of grip to take advantage of if we had a bit more power.  It was time to crack open the fresh 6litre LS2 and free up some ponies.

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Dietician analysis

Put the rx7 on corner weights Wednesday night, it was already surprisingly good! Only made one slight adjustment to the front right coilover.
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RX7 dyno tune @ Eastern Automotive

Courtesy of Eastern Automotive, the RX7 is now all tuned up and ready to test this weekend at Taupo!

RX7 Revival

Over the past few weeks we have been working hard to get my FC3S up and running.  With Tristan and I working some late nights, the RX7 should be making noise this weekend for the first time in over a year! Here’s a few specs on what has been added to the 2012 rebuild -

Thanks to Mike at Eastern Automotive, we now have a Holden LS2 6litre alloy v8 slotted in the engine bay.

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Alive and well!

You may have noticed the lack of posts to this blog over the last couple weeks, well I can tell you it isn’t due to me being lazy!  We’ve been hard at work with the Silvia to get it ready and tested for the up-coming season.  My deadline that I set myself was the ZeroClass track day at Taupo on September 17th.  We made it in typical fashion, with only just finishing the car the night before, and I can say that the results were WELL worth the effort.

But before we get to the track day, I’ll show you through a bit of what’s happened over the last two weeks.

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Star struck

The old girl Silvia is headed in to Eastern Automotive Performance Center tomorrow morning for dyno tuning. Shortly after that I’m planning to re-do the graphics at Demon Graphics. Should I stick with the same theme with stars, or should I mix it up a bit? Any ideas?



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