D1NZ Round 5 Christchurch

Even though it was two months ago, I still feel like I’m recovering from the only South Island stop on the D1NZ tour.  Mike Pero Motorsport Park just outside of Christchurch, is one of the longest drift sections and is known for breaking cars.

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Taupo D1NZ Round4

The host track of last years final round, Ricoh Taupo Motorsport Park is often referred to as the “drivers track” of D1NZ.  The track is run in reverse direction, and is a fast, flowing, full throttle section that leaves my car chewing Achilles tyres in 4th gear the whole run.  Taupo also has the best pit area setup of the series, with proper garages and viewing from the corporate boxes above them.


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OZ Racing Suspension test day

Over the last 5 years, I’ve worked closely with Dodson Performance and used their products on many of my race and street cars.  When building the RX7, we chose to use their HSD suspension and it has worked very well over the last 3 years, providing a low ride height and great performance on the track.  While there was nothing wrong with our previous setup, with the constant progression of drifting we are always looking to improve the car and it’s handling characteristics.  So the decision was made this year to switch to another brand of suspension also available from Dodsons:  OZ Racing Suspension.

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Steering lock, how does it all work?

When building a car to drift, you’re constantly looking for ways to push the boundaries.  And seeing as getting sideways with big angle is the whole point of the sport, steering lock is something that all drift cars need upgraded at some point as the driver gets more confident behind the wheel.

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D1NZ Final chase cam

Quick video of one of my practice runs from D1NZ final round at Taupo.

CRC Speedshow demos

Last weekend we were scheduled to put on 3 demos per day for the annual Speedshow event at ASB Showgrounds in Greenlane.  Unfortunately, the council had other plans and didn’t like the noise or smoke created, so they cancelled most of the demos only leaving us with one session per day.  We still put on a good show for the thousands of attendees, and made a little video featuring myself, Bruce Tannock, Gaz Whiter, and Dan Woolhouse.  Enjoy!

Achilles Radial team video Ruapuna!

SBP have put together this cool promo video for Achilles Radial NZ.  I’ve really enjoyed being part of an actual team this year, quite a different experience!

“D1NZ Inside Clipping Point” with Andrew Redward & Darren Kelly

D1NZ caught up with me this week for an interview about how our 2012/2013 season is going so far, it’s come out pretty damn cool.  Check it out below

Round Report D1NZ Hampton R4


Hampton Downs is the one track in New Zealand that I have mixed feelings about.  I’m not entirely sure that I like it, nor do I hate it.  The only way I can describe it is “frustrating”.  For a drift section, it’s pretty basic:  4th gear handbrake entry down a straight, into an uphill right with a quick switch back left over the crest, section ends.  The tricky thing is, that because of this simplistic section, and that everyone in D1NZ has driven this track numerous times, it puts us all on a very even playing field come battle time.  Read below for my high’s and low’s of this event and track.

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Final battle crash with Mike Whiddett



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